Who we are

We are a rapidly growing E-Commerce company, successfully creating and developing high quality products from the ground up. We developed a unique formula of product development methods to test and ensure our products are top notch and meet highest customer expectations. Our brands serve happy customers in over 26 countries.


Experienced Team

Our team has years of experience with founding and scaling businesses across the continent.


Strong networks

Our products can be discovered across multiple channels and markets and we have a dense network of suppliers across industries at hand.


Innovative brands

We target the needs of many generations with innovative, high quality and visually appealing products and a strong vision behind.


Scaleable operations

We learned to scale direct-to-consumer brands at incomparable speed and know how to adapt operations efficient and effectively.

Founded By


Bernhard Klamer

Founder, CEO

It’s all about the experience. Delivering great experience to customers with great products and great customer service will lead every business to success. Our aim is to build a customer centric company by analyzing customer needs and creating high quality, sustainable and affordable products.

Contact Us

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